August 18, 2022

Festival 2022


Here are the Winners of the Toronto Independent Film Festival 2022

No-Budget Feature (budget under $25k): Cyber Underground by Rudy Cimic
Micro-Budget Feature (budget under $250k): Prof. by Logan Alexander Mitev
Sci-Fi/Horror Feature: Shifted by Adrian Konstant
Documentary Feature: Fall Fight Shine by Charlotte Wincott
Music Video: Prayer for the Mother by Melissa Ann Das-Arp
Short Film (Jury Award): Jelly by March Mercanti
Short Film (Audience Award): That Scottish Play by Armand Hamouth & Brian Kennington
Short Film (Festival Director Award): Movie Night by Emma Friedman
Animated Short: Limbo 2 by Mahsa Merci
Sci-Fi/Horror Short: A Losing Game by Jungkyu Hwang
Short Short: Still by Alison MacDonald
Experimental Short: Suture by Snezana Pesic

Screenplay Award categories:
Feature Screenplay: Willowfield Manor by Ainhoa Fernández Martínez
Sci-Fi / Horror Screenplay: Sacred Sun by Michael Louis Gould


Here’s the schedule for the 2022 Toronto Independent Film Festival.

All films are screened at the Carlton Cinema in downtown Toronto

Tickets will now be on sale at the Carlton Cinema website

Feature film tickets cost $15 per feature film, shorts blocks cost $15 per 70 minute block.

Thursday Sept 15
Shorts Block 1, Sept 15 at 6:15pm < buy tickets here >
Rebound by Liam Hoban Thrush
Gem & Shaz by Chloé Hung
Movie Night by Emma Friedman
The Ideal Couple by Robert Mulolo
Burger by Kirsten Comerford

Shorts Block 2, Sept 15 at 7:45pm < buy tickets here >
That Scottish Play by Armand Hamouth & Brian Kennington
Jelly by March Mercanti
The Corridor by Amir Zavosh
Meter’s Running by Anna Di Giovanni
A Losing Game by Jungkyu Hwang
Prayer for the Mother by Melissa Ann Das-Arp

Feature Film: Sept 15 at 9:15pm < buy tickets here >
Directed by Logan Alexander Mitev

High School faculty members gather for what is supposed to be a fun, intimate evening. The eccentric crowd seem to have nothing in common, but as the drinks flow, their interwoven lives bubble to the surface. Deception, trauma, and crime begin to root themselves as these “role models” prove that everyone has something to hide…

Friday Sept 16
Shorts Block 3, Sept 16 at 6:15pm < buy tickets here >
Sea-Changes by Gerda Johanna Cammaer & Randolph Jordan
Suture by Snezana Pesic
Going Away Party by Beth Evans
Limbo 2 by Mahsa Merci
Unchangeable, Eternal by Jonathan Davies
Revenant Reunion by Eb Mensah

Feature Film: Sept 16 at 7:45pm < buy tickets here >
Fall Fight Shine
Directed by Charlotte Wincott

Addiction is a brain disease affecting millions of people. The ramifications of substance use disorder impact not only the individuals who struggle, but also their families and society at large. Despite the deleterious and far-reaching consequences of addiction, there are many stories of triumph. Fall Fight Shine uses the voices of scientists to teach you about the brain and the biological changes that take place during various stages of addiction. Film actor Jeff Wincott shares his own experiences with cocaine use disorder and describes his recovery process in order to inspire those who continue to struggle.

Feature Film: Sept 16 at 9:15pm < buy tickets here >
Cyber Underground
Directed by Rudy Cimic

Tyler Jackson is a software programmer living in a seedy part of Toronto. From his rundown apartment, he carries out a double life online as a hacker under the alias Akiro. Following a recent string of serial murders, Tyler starts to suspect a conspiracy at work targeting members of his online group. After meeting a mysterious girl being blackmailed by the serial killer, he finds himself drawn into a web of shadows involving a hacker who mysteriously vanished two years ago.

Saturday Sept 17
Shorts Block 4, Sept 17 at 6:15pm < buy tickets here >
Unveiling Truths by Dahol Otoide
OPIA by Edward Mines
The Waves by Cia Mellegers
Ollie by Sadiel Gomez Vigoa
The Making of Sawyer Sunset by Kelsey Blake
Still by Alison MacDonald
The Day I Killed Him by J. Christian Hamilton

Shorts Block 5, Sept 17 at 7:45pm < buy tickets here >
Blistered Bloodlines by Omran Omaid
Echo by Quentin Ferrant
Animal Appetites by Quentin Ferrant
Penny and Ramin by Gilad Lippa
Embers in the Forest by Hasan Barzak & Rami Jamalallil
Till Death Do Us Part by Abraham David

Feature Film: Sept 17 at 9:15pm < buy tickets here >
Directed by Adrian Konstant

There are monsters in the world. They used to be human, but now they are something else, and they’re everywhere.