TO Short 2019

Toronto Short will return to the Carlton Cinema for a fifth year of celebrating the very best of international short filmmaking, March 11-15 2019.

Join us for a week of screenings and networking events at the Carlton Cinema, with ample opportunities for short filmmakers to showcase their achievements, learn from fellow filmmakers, and build contacts for future collaborations: all in the heart of vibrant filmmaking Toronto.

Tickets will be available very soon: follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

2019 Schedule

Monday 11th March

El Quango vs. Hip-Hopperina (Quang Ngo-Trong)
Priya (Daniela Pinto, Kyle Smith)
Mogu and Perol (Tsuneo Goda)
See You Tomorrow (Katarzyna Kochany)
Courtney & Chester (Mazarit Rahmin)
The Bird of Paradise (Sean Weinerman)
Undressed (Alexandra Tse)
No English (JAPI, Harmen Baidwan, Guramrit Athwal)

Gasoline Gasoline (The World’s Aflame) (Franke James, Billiam James)
Pulse (Peter Widdrington)
Vision (Marcelle Aleid)
Taming (LI Boyuan)
Solitude By Black Sabbath (AJ Vaage)
Danny and May (Andrew Moodie)

Ukaliq and Kalla Go Fishing (Nadia Mike)
CAMPUS:AM (Lief Ramsaran)
Green River (Nicolas Di Stefano)
Floating Justice (Leila Lak)

Tuesday 12th March

New Leaf (Julia Armine)
Improvisation (Steve Koven)
Twenty Bucks (Eva’s Phoenix Filmmakers)
When I See You (Claudia Carino, James Ramsay)
Heart Strings (Alex Chung)

Consolation (Jason J Thomas)
Valley of the Mind (Edward Mines)
In My Dreams (Thomas Buschbeck)
Becoming Leela (AJ)
Game Boy (Derek Hale)
He and Me (Michele Kaye)
Shehita (Dean Gold)

9.15pm: Horror Block
Bloody Affairs (Olivia Fedele, Alek Belanger)
The Picture of Dorian Gray (Michal Janicki)
I Love You Too (Sebastian Ko)
Exorcism (Lena Burmenko)
I’m Sorry (Gabriel Galand)
Stay Away (Xiao Tang)
The Fields of Dying Rabbits (Connor Bryan)
Filth (Adam Ciolfi)

Wednesday 13th March

Forbidden Concept Trailer (Emily Schooley)
Nostalgia – Conditional Pass (Devon Hyland, Josh Murray)
Fox (Beatrice Deer)
To No Man’s Land (Khizer Khani)
Ford/The People (Daniel Hackborn)
The Ticket (James Villeneuve)
The Crushes (Eugenii Baranov)

Silver Light (Brad McDermott)
Girl Of My Dreams (Kari Townsend)
The Day of Reckoning (Graham M. Sheppard)
The Last Scene (Tommaso Santambrogio)
Robot Attack (Brian Vowles)
Bryce And Liam Go To Space! (Bryce Padovan)
Holding Hands with the Awkward (Mihaly Szabados)
Forbidden Tikka Masala (Rahul Chaturvedi)

I Can See Through Walls (Tom Adshead)
Hermit (Cristina Gonçalves)
Grind (Jesse Ung)
Homo Ludens (Emin Fırat Övür)
Syml – Body (Gavin Michael Booth)
Mr. Settled Immigrant (Behzad Sedghi)

Thursday 14th March

Winter (Gurli Bachmann)
Mother’s Day (Alexander Desouza)
Now or Never (Rose Schimm)
Tell Me How (Agostino Leone)
Night Terror (Benjamin Chensee, Lachlan Sugg-Owen)
A Good Day To Jump (Paul Black, Finn Schoenholtz)
Fireworks (Eric Kingsbury)

Lack (Aren Bergstrom)
Timedr (Dan Duguay)
Genesis (Michael Tekle, Kevin Petersdorff)
Beard Cover (Carly Telford)
Unraveling (Benjamin Jackson)
Italian 101 (Emily Gutierrez)
Tether (Natalie A. Chao, Kenzo K. Le)
The Gift Zahra Faraji

Happy Breath (Jeff Bird)
Face Time (Derek Hale)
Crusader (David Nguyen)
Across the River and into the Trees (Maxime Riverin)
We (Marcos Almada Rivero. Alejandra Chacón Gallardo, Monique Zepeda)
From Syria To Hope (Yazmeen Kanji)

Friday 15th March

Toronto Tabla Ensemble – Faceoff (Melissa Das-Arp)
Tofu Scramble (Santana Doran)
Bad Coffee (Mike Onley)
Passing Over (Jordan Lee-Tung)
Walter’s Way (Tom Gigliotti)
Recovery (Vrishub Merai)
Phantom. (Drayden DeCosta)

Hi Mrs. Friedman! (Rachel Epstein)
Space Between Stars (Samuel W. Bradley)
Recollection (Raey Ang)
Fridge Door (Kevin Walker)
UnderSee (Margie Kelk, Lynne Slater)
Later, In the Life (Tamai Kobayashi)
The Music Sounds Better with Whom? (The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Music Experience) (Chasson Gracie)

Flat On The Ground (JD Leblanc)
The Windmill Man (Quang Ngo-Trong)
Daiyu Lin (Diane Chen)
Lovebound (Serville Poblete)
Bastianich, Keep Rocking (Carlo Guttadauro)
Wayne (Renée Rodenkirchen)
The Good Death (Tori Larsen)
Between Time (Agostino Leone)

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