TO Short returned to the Carlton Cinema for a fourth time on March 12-16, 2018, and played three screenings a week, with sold-out shows, premiere parties, and lots of enthusiastic filmmakers and film fans. For photos, please see Facebook.

TO Short will soon open for submissions for the 2019 festival: please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

2018 Award Winners

Best Drama Short – Farm Dogs (Ryan Thompson)

Best Comedy Short – The Film Festival (Brian Kennington)

Best Experimental Short – Rain (Martin Gerigk)

Best Documentary Short – In Jesus’ Name: Shattering the Silence of St Anne’s Residential School (Susan Enberg)

Best LGBT Short – Life & The Art Of Lying (Emily Schooley)

Best Horror Short – Hitched (Xavier Nathan)

Best Sci-Fi Short – Zackman (Jack Tong)

Best Short Short – Birth Cycle (Zak Zych)

Best Animated Short – Beastly Things (Zev Chevat)

Best Music Video – In My Mother’s Closet (Carolyn Wu)

Best Visuals/Cinematography – Fraktaal (Julius Horsthuis)

Best Cultural Diversity Short – A Safe Space (Michael Flax)

Audience Award for Best Short Film

The Film Festival (Brian Kennington)

Audience Award Runners-Up

Mrs. Krantz Makes Great Cookies (Maria Sant’Angelo)
Agatha Rose Penelope Fern (Enrico Ferri)
Perception (Elsbeth McCall)
Life and the Art of Lying (Emily Schooley)
The Boys Of Nunavut (Andrew Maguire)
Accidental Bible Camp (Olivia D’Oliveira)
Nothing in Return (Scott Zhang)
Zaya (Susanne Serres)
Aperture (Luis R. Pinto)
In Jesus’ Name: Shattering the Silence of St Anne’s Residential School (Susan Enberg)
A Safe Space (Michael Flax)
The Motorcycle Boy Reigns (Lucas Carravetta)
The Warriors Macabee (Ilan Rosenberg)
Erin’s Guide to Kissing Girls (Julianna Notten)
Growing (Jason Romolo)



2018 Schedule

Monday 12th March

The Poet – Adam Cushman
Grave Pleasures – Joy Through Death – David Fitt
Birth Cycle – Zak Zych
On The Job – Mike Onley
Mt. – Lai Yu Chi
Quiver – Shayna Connelly
Mrs. Krantz Bakes Great Cookies – Maria Sant’Angelo
Total Field – Alana Bartol
Story Unbridled – Vincent H. Kuan Lin

Switzerland – Angie Violet Hawes
Playing Chicken – Elinor Snell
Lustig – John Black
I Want You So Bad – Mengxi Zhou
Welcome to Kafkaville – Ann Shin
Sex Talk – Jarrod Maclean
Saturn Devours – Johnnie Walker
Agatha Rose Penelope Fern – Enrico Ferri

9.15: Sci-Fi & Horror Night
Crossroads Station – Clifford Bailey
Nova – Wenhwa Tsao
Zackman – Jack Tong
Fraktaal – Julius Horsthuis
Perception – Elsbeth McCall
The Fainting Room – Max Walker
Sarah’s Dream – Wendy Keeling
Hitched – Xavier Nathan
Forgotten Corpses – Caine Chow
Stranger is Typing – Alex Caucean

Tuesday 13th March

Not Just For The Nerds – Victoria Anderson-Gardner, Stephanie de Bem
ReSET – Leslie Anthony, Asta Kovanen
Peace and Quiet – Anthony Birtzu
Waiting for a Dog – Adrian Axel
Musical Improvisation at Land’s End – Kimber Sider
Cloud By Day – Danny Dunlop
Life and the Art of Lying – Emily Schooley

Unconventional – Hannah Michielsen
A Single Bound – Ben Passmore
Baby Baby – Emily Pope
The Boys of Nunavut – Andrew Maguire
Last Breath – Caine Chow
Heir – Danny Adhim

Timebox – Daelan Wood
The Girl and The Beach – Francesco Philip Reale
Accidental Bible Camp – Olivia D’Oliveira
Rain – Martin Gerigk
Seeds of Hope – Sally Nellson Barrett

Wednesday 14th March

Prose – Shawn Bracke
Alien Ramen – Cassaundra Sloan
Eclipse Chaser – Peter Harmathy
The Pirate Boy – Sofia Touboura
The Clean-Up – Kenn Fisher
Nothing in Return – Scott Zhang
Zaya – Susanne Serres
Between I and Thou – Hannah Schwadron, Benjamin Mandos
The Confession – Brennan Martin, Thomas Saunders
The Somnium – Jingyu Liu

Acceptance – Matt LaVigne
Time Without Guilt – Al Kryszak
Aperture – Luis R. Pinto
Unstoppable – Julian Reale
The Knits – Lisa Birke
Emerging Doubts – Ilaria Galanti
Authentic – Sophia Wang
Blessing 1 – Erika Suderburg
Margoland – Sarah Simone

9.15pm: Feature Documentary Night
Holodomor: Voices of Survivors – Ariadna Ochrymovych
In Jesus’ Name: Shattering the Silence of St. Anne’s Residential School – Susan Enberg

Thursday 15th March

In My Mother’s Closet – Carolyn Wu
Chief Doreen – Tony Wannamaker
4/4 – Kyle Sawyer
Check – Richard B. Pierre
A Safe Space – Michael Flax
Till Death Do Us Part – Hayden Flynn
Love Potion – Juefang Zhang
Space In Black & White – Jeremy Lavon

Anatomy of a Break-Up – Dylan Maloney
Ruby’s Angel – Erica Ragozzino
Something For a Rainy Day – Nicolas Di Stefano
The Death of Ian Hall – Rick Bartram
Jessica Jessica – Jasper Savage
The Motorcycle Boy Reigns – Lucas Carravetta

Painting Catfights – Kirsten Johnson
Sorry For Your Loss – Julia Rowland
Beastly Things – Zev Chevat
Unworldly – Sarah El Bakkouri, Cross Li
The Film Festival – Brian Kennington
Farm Dogs – Ryan Thompson

Friday 16th March

This Year, Here – Alison Taylor, Sabine LeBel
The Warriors Maccabee – Ilan Rosenberg
Under Bone – Dana Washington
An Air About Her – Dee Herlihy
Another Day – Yongle Wang
Diva Mom Song – Archita Mandal
Strange Case – Zbigniew Czapla
They – Ashley Marshall
Until We Reach The Sun – Daisy Dickinson
Zig Zag – Sophia’s Tragedy – Amber Johnson
Haley – Corey Sevier

Erin’s Guide To Kissing Girls – Julianna Notten
Splash – Chun-Hui Nan
Dead House – Travis Laidlaw
Space – Anna Kaminska
Suits – Lindsay Fitzgerald, Sarah M. Claydon
Bakery – Hashim Didari
Beyond Orange – Géraldine Cammisar, Daniel Zinsstag
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The Pits – Shetu Modi
Growing – Jason Romolo
Just One Word – Jani Lauzon
Marmo – Nancy Allison, Laura Boato
Oh No Pedro – Annlin Chao
Crossing the Andes – Jose Sanchez-H.
The Only One – Marc Fortunato
Little Rebel – Aimie Vallat, Guido Ronge
Layers of Fear – Hsin-Ying Liu
Stroke – Jiani zhao , Emanuele Romano
August in the City – Christie Conochalla

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