The Toronto Short Film Festival returned to the Carlton Cinema for a third time, March 13-17, showcasing the best of international short filmmaking to cinephile audiences. Please see Facebook and Twitter for photos and posters!

2017 Toronto Short Awards Announced

Congratulations to all our award winners!

Best Drama Short – Forgive Me Father (Mark Datuin)

Best Comedy Short – The Unconventional Gourmet (Wendy Keeling)

Best Documentary Short – Sully’s Tough (Mitch Bowmile)

Best Experimental Short – Dollface (Kirsten Johnson)

Best Horror Short – The Dark Ward (Madoka Harada)

Sci-Fi Short – Sample Return (Chris Remerowski)

Animated Short – Stars (Han Zhang)

Best Short Short – Ocean (Lia Tarachansky)

Best Music Video – Handbook: Wanting You (feat. Supreme Sol) (Mia Ginaé Watkins)

Audience Awards: as voted for by festival attendees

Delightful (Katie Garibaldi)
Hearts of Steel (Gayle Wilmot)
The Big Payback (Maziyar Khatam)
Shoelaces (William Bajalia)
Sully’s Tough (Mitch Bowmile)
The Dark Ward (Madoka Harada)
Satisfaction (Kat Webber)
Forgive Me Father (Mark Datuin)
Marital Aids (Liz Taylor)
#Cold (Imogen Grace)
Roommates (Matthew Adetuyi)
Howard (Matthew Tompkins)
Blue Collar Buddha (Cyrus Baetz)

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Monday 13th March

Delightful – Katie Garibaldi
Film Frame – Daniel Tysdal
Sad Songs: A Tiny Lego Musical – Darian Brunetti
Hope – Knútur Haukstein Ólafsson
Witchy Adventure – Eman Thabet
Unlucky People – Marek Tupy
Mindscapes – Micah-el Juane
The Wexford – Michael Barry
Other | Side – Glenn McGarry
Hearts of Steel – Gayle Wilmot

Sakura – Jazz Virk
Bicyclist – Zahra Faraji
“Let You Down” By Frank Moyo – David Lucchese
You Make Me Love You – Knhik Haefner
Peephole – Doug Cook
The Big Payback – Maziyar Khatam

Tuesday 14th March

A Day In The Life Of… A Guide Dog Puppy – Jenny Cowley
The Final Lightsaber Battle 2 – Wes Wakelin
The Deacon – Mark Zanin
Conspiracy – Ian Johnston
Painting In Nature – Mary Sheridan
Shoelaces – William Bajalia
My Roommate Is An Escort – Katie Ulhmann
Mismatch and Lighter – Mark Datuin

Ocean – Lia Tarachansky
Handbook – Wanting You (feat. Supreme Sol) – Mia Ginaé Watkins
En Visant La Lune – Julien Hassid
Haruka – Daisuke Horide
The Autumn Station – Vadim Bulitko
Rivals – Brent Rose
Handmade Film – Christina Ienna
Crossing Bridges – Rama Luksiarto
Dear Brooklynn – Jonathan Winberg
Sully’s Tough – Mitch Bowmile

Wednesday 15th March

6.15pm: Beware The Ides Of March! Horror & Sci-Fi Wednesday
Taking Possession – Peter Campbell
Satisfaction – Kat Webber
Incident – Mojtaba “Mojo” Komeili
Wind Shear – Edward Pond
Sample Return – Chris Remerowski
The Dark Ward – Madoka Harada
The Unconventional Gourmet – Wendy Keeling

Beneath The Surface – Alex Sworik
Rosa & Juan – Candido Perez de Armas
Atlas World – Morgana McKenzie
In The Hands Of ED – Rebecca Gomez
Misinformed – Ryan Stephenson Price
White Flag – Jessamine Fok
Forgiveness – Andrew Moodie
Bombshell – Lisa Birke
ERA – Rob Jabbaz
Forgive Me Father – Mark Datuin
Message In The Fortune Cookie – Golam Mustofa

Thursday 16th March

Patience – Mikael Melo
Marital Aids – Liz Taylor
Acting Up – Vanessa Burns
Anastasia Lin: The Crown – Kacey Cox
Goddamn Sensitive Man – Wally Moss

Nessa For Your Needs – Jeff So
After – Lena Burmenko
Snips – John Krissilas
Ergo Sum – George Marei
#Cold – Imogen Grace
Mother’s Bond – Rafaela Galindo

Friday 17th March

Run – Robin Tremblay
Insanity – Vrishub Merai
Menses – Laura Tremblay
Farewell Fire – Scott Armstrong
Conventuram – Feng Wan
Stars – Han Zhang
Straight Crushin’ – Marlee Druker
A Letter To Those Who Have Given Up On Love (A Love Letter To Love) – Jamie Rea
Roommates – Matthew Adetuyi
Good Place – Gina Bucci

The Blue Sun – Luis Rodolfo Pinto
Reflection – Cheryl Anne Meyer
Just Waiting – James Malekzadeh
On The Line – Matthew Willson
Howard – Matthew Tompkins
Dollface – Kirsten Johnson
Blue Collar Buddha – Cyrus Baetz

We work to make the Toronto Short Film Festival one of the best places in North America for short filmmakers to screen and be seen. Showcasing the best of international short films, the festival is offers Toronto cinephiles an extraordinary chance to catch the latest trends in cutting edge filmmaking.

Hosting filmmakers from many countries in one of the world’s great film cities makes for an amazing festival full of talent, enthusiasm, and dozens of fabulous films.


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