The Toronto Short Film Festival returned to the Carlton Cinema, March 14-18 2016, seeing sold-out screenings and huge crowds of filmmakers and film fans. See our Facebook and Twitter for photos!

2016 Award Winners

Best Drama Short – Gas and Wine Taste the Same (Emmanuelle Lacombe)
Best Comedy Short – Guess Who’s Not coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner? (Adam King)
Best Documentary Short – Eastern (Luke Galati)

Best Experimental Short – Printed Memories (Javier Ramirez)
Best Horror Short – Cold One Night (Brendan Jones)
Best Sci-Fi Short – S.A.M. (Hector Carreon)

Best Animated Short – Straw (Jacob Godel)
Best Short Short – The Tease (Nikki Saltz, Vikki Blows)
Best Music Video – The Hammer Band: Music Child (Francis Luta)

Audience Award – Hang ‘Em High (Evan Ottoni)
Best Local Film – Please Excuse My Accent (Kerri Seymour)



Celebrate the very best of international short filmmaking with us at the Toronto Short Film Festival. The Festival is a week of screenings in the heart of the vibrant Toronto filmmaking community, providing ample opportunities for short filmmakers to showcase their achievements, learn from fellow filmmakers, and build contacts for future collaborations.

The Toronto Short Film Festival runs every year in March at  in downtown Toronto. Please see the 2015 page for information on the 2015 screenings and award winners.

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2016 Screenings

Monday 14th March

The Clearing – Breakwater (Jon King-Seguin)
Haze (James Resendes)
Trouble for a Smoke (Matthew Tompkins)
About Employment (Lindsay Fitzgerald)
The Routine (Roman Gubin)
Lifted (Sean Scally)
Figment (Mithran Maharajan)

7.45: Horror Block
Cold One Night (Brendan Jones)
Guess Who’s Not Coming To Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner? (Adam King)
Playhouse (Shane R. Preston)
Remedy (Chia Ying Tsai)
Forgiveness (Irani Rima)
Awakenings (Bhargav Saikia)
The Tease (Nikki Saltz, Vikki Blows)

Tuesday 15th March

Mom’s Wedding (Michelle Brightman)
Forgotten (Eleanor McGrath)
Parallels (Jonathan Choi)
The Story of Us, pt. 4 (Pamela Baer)
Love, the Invention (Rebecca Pearson)

Spun (Chris Baker)
Donya (Zahra Faraji)
The Blink of an Eye (Matthew Luppino)
Gas and Wine Taste the Same (Emmanuelle Lacombe)
Jottings: Back to the Drawing, Bird (Lisa Camille Anderson)
Mine (Alfio Foti)
Dissonance (Anna Ngo)
Sorry for Coming (Mark Datuin)

Wednesday 16th

Mütter (Mikel Guillen)
Something Missing (Katie Hill)
Incomplete (Michael Valitutti)
Save You (R. Keith Smith)
Classy Nibbles (Jason Goldberg)
Plane Spotting (Luis Pinto)
Motorcycle Man (Mike O’Connor)
Cindy (Marco Bucci)
Greta (and) the Chosen One (Solis Animation Ltd)
Share (Fabrizio Rossetti)
Autophobia (Jason Weston-Wong)
Deathbed Makeover (Ian Johnston)

7.45: Sci-Fi Block
Earth to Avery (Julianna Notten)
Hang ‘Em High (Evan Ottoni)
S.A.M. (Hector Carreon)
Leave Us Alone (Nicholas Treeshin)
Paradox (Paul Erskine)
Code Name: Iron Knight (Yohei Ishihama)

Thursday 17th

Q (Tom Vujcic)
Clap on the 2 and the 4 (Leonardo Dell’Anno)
Printed Memories (Javier Ramirez)
Vagabond (Ryan Sheridan)
Madness (Ingrid Jones, Thomas Bollman)
Straw (Jacob Godel)
The Alpacing Dead (Jaren Hayman, Jason Matos)
Two Art Forms (Steve Koven)
Please Excuse My Accent (Kerri Seymour)

7.45: Documentary Block
Disabled Diving (Anne Jackson)
Waiting for Hamid (Brett Bacchus)
Trapped in Transition: Displaced People of the Middle East (Robert Mentov)
Eastern (Luke Galati)

Friday 18th

Another Way Out (Simone Stock)
Feral (Nelson Phillips)
Ch. 1: If These Trees Could Talk (Akhil Khitani)
Bang! Bang! Bang! (Jason R. Smith)
Never Will I Ever (Vina)
Last Watch (Jana Stackhouse)
Streamer (Jared Bratt)
My Baba’s Kitchen (Stephanie Turenko)
Relatively Screwed (Mark Datuin)
Cindy (Ted Sakowsky)

3 Mix Instrumental (Robert Peterson)
16 and Ready to Roll (Jon E. Cohen)
The Hammer Band: Music Child (Francis Luta)
Free the Pain (Kajart)
Hope for the Hopeful Unknown – My Brain Injury (Rebecca Reinhart)
B (Carinne Leduc)
A Piece of the Pie (Bryan Brooks)
My Henry (Anna Burkholder)
H-3957 (Jörn Knost)
Empty (Inna Crocetti Klos)
In Two (Fabrizio Filippo)
Chums (Raymond Lefebvre)