2015 Award Winners

Best Drama Short
Drex’s Dilemma – Brooksen Snow

Best Experimental Short
Ophelia Goes Floating – Peter Blow

Best Documentary Short
Positive – Myrna Moretti

Best Horror Short
Point of View – Justin Harding

Best Sci-Fi Short
Transference – Matthew Ninabar/Aaron Tomlin

Best Short Short
Too Quick To Judge – Maaz Khan

Best Animated Short
Steadfast Stanley – John Kim

Best Music Video
Miss-twin-ception – Katie and Karissa Strain

2015 Screenings

Join us in celebrating the very best of international short filmmaking at the Toronto Short Film Festival, at the Carlton Cinema in downtown Toronto.

Monday, 16th March

Block 1
Zero Recognition (Ben Lewis)
Chalk Dust (Will Bowes)
Kaja Gunnufsen – Au (Kenneth Karlstad)
Fun City (Justin Olstein)
Claudette (Gabrielle Miller)
Jindalrae jida (진달래지다) (Kyungsu Kim)
Dead End (Lu Asfaha)

Block 2
Cage (Jeff Vitkuske)
Agape (Chris Strikes)
Blinded From Society (Rob Comeau)
Gerald Ong (Kevin Shak)
Walk Away (Matthew Segal)
The Buckley Brothers (Rachelle Casseus)
Jamais Je Ne T’Oublierai (Alexandre Desjardins)

Tuesday, 17th March

Block 1
Dig to China (Robert Tinkler)
Burn the Tapes (Nick Kewin)
Notes (Chris Booth)
Une Pensée pour Robert (Kevin Landry)
Ophelia Goes Floating (Peter Blow)
Outside the Ring (Joanne Green)

Block 2
Mind and Bodybuilding (Deighton Goode)
The Adventures of Meow Meow (Dennis Zaidi)
Positive (Myrna Moretti)
Street Meet (Jacob Hanania)
Texting: A Love Story (Jeanette Buck)
Aidon (Patrick Hodgson)
Oh, Shit (Zach Dolmetsch)
La Canadienne Française (Charles Grenier, Sarah Pellerin)
The Night (Greg Spieser)

Wednesday, 18th March

Block 1
Imagining Angels (Pat Jeflyn)
Check, Please! (Camille Brown)
After the Mist (Mathieu Goujon)
A Wasteland of Hate (Julien Tran)
Sea Front (Claire Lamond)
Raising Hope (Paul W. Los)

Block 2: Sci-Fi & Horror
Transference (Aaron Tomlin)
Drift (Mike Gallant)
Hell Hath No Fury (Dug Rotstein)
The Crystal (Colin To)
Kismet (Sean Cammack)
Lord of Chaos (Luke Freeman)
Point of View (Justin Harding)
Steadfast Stanley (John Kim)

Thursday, 19th March

Block 1

Life of Sarumomo (Takumi Kawagoe)
Selected (Matthew P.H Read)
Silenced (Alaa “Zak” Noweihed)
My Father, Joe (Nikila Cole)
Do Somethin’ (Alexander Henry)
Drex’s Dilemma (Brooksen Snow)
Jadon (Abraham Bankole)
Too Quick To Judge (Maaz Kahn)

Block 2
Cheese (Hannah Cheesman)
Holding In The Storm (Christine Zorn)
Trapped: The Ultimate Sacrifice (Carlonese Powell)
Silent Invaders (Dianne Brothers)
In Restless Movement (Maria De Sanctis)
The Waltz (Julie Tomaino)
Her Shadow (Gayle Ye)
Weenie Wagon Woe (Willy Ashworth)

Friday, 20th March

Block 1
White Lock (Mark Datuin)
The Amautalik (Neil Christopher)
Finding Stars in Stucco Ceilings (Alex Sheriff)
Coffee Grinder (Derek Barnes)
I’ve Just Had A Dream (Javi Navarro)
Lake Ouentironk (David Donar)
Memories (Francesco Reale)
How A Man Gets Ready (Romina Schwedler)
The Hard Way Home (Desmond Sargeant)

Block 2
The Orphan and the Polar Bear (Neil Christopher)
Shinitomona (Daisuke Horide)
Portrait of Ryan (Brandon Zyma)
Welcome to Parkdale (Ian Johnston)
Strike! (Jeremy Taylor)
Soulless (Mark Smyth)
Miss-twin-ception (Katie and Karissa Strain)

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