TO Short will return to the Carlton Cinema for a fourth time on March 12-16, 2018. Tickets are now available from the Carlton!

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2018 Schedule

Monday 12th March

The Poet – Adam Cushman
Grave Pleasures – Joy Through Death – David Fitt
Birth Cycle – Zak Zych
On The Job – Mike Onley
Mt. – Lai Yu Chi
Quiver – Shayna Connelly
Mrs. Krantz Bakes Great Cookies – Maria Sant’Angelo
Total Field – Alana Bartol
Story Unbridled – Vincent H. Kuan Lin

Switzerland – Angie Violet Hawes
Playing Chicken – Elinor Snell
Lustig – John Black
I Want You So Bad – Mengxi Zhou
Welcome to Kafkaville – Ann Shin
Sex Talk – Jarrod Maclean
Saturn Devours – Johnnie Walker
Agatha Rose Penelope Fern – Enrico Ferri

9.15: Sci-Fi & Horror Night
Crossroads Station – Clifford Bailey
Nova – Wenhwa Tsao
Zackman – Jack Tong
Fraktaal – Julius Horsthuis
Perception – Elsbeth McCall
The Fainting Room – Max Walker
Sarah’s Dream – Wendy Keeling
Hitched – Xavier Nathan
Forgotten Corpses – Caine Chow
Stranger is Typing – Alex Caucean

Tuesday 13th March

Not Just For The Nerds – Victoria Anderson-Gardner, Stephanie de Bem
ReSET – Leslie Anthony, Asta Kovanen
Peace and Quiet – Anthony Birtzu
Waiting for a Dog – Adrian Axel
Musical Improvisation at Land’s End – Kimber Sider
Cloud By Day – Danny Dunlop
Life and the Art of Lying – Emily Schooley

Unconventional – Hannah Michielsen
A Single Bound – Ben Passmore
Baby Baby – Emily Pope
The Boys of Nunavut – Andrew Maguire
Last Breath – Caine Chow
Heir – Danny Adhim

Timebox – Daelan Wood
The Girl and The Beach – Francesco Philip Reale
Accidental Bible Camp – Olivia D’Oliveira
Rain – Martin Gerigk
Seeds of Hope – Sally Nellson Barrett

Wednesday 14th March

Prose – Shawn Bracke
Alien Ramen – Cassaundra Sloan
Eclipse Chaser – Peter Harmathy
The Pirate Boy – Sofia Touboura
The Clean-Up – Kenn Fisher
Nothing in Return – Scott Zhang
Zaya – Susanne Serres
Between I and Thou – Hannah Schwadron, Benjamin Mandos
The Confession – Brennan Martin, Thomas Saunders
The Somnium – Jingyu Liu

Acceptance – Matt LaVigne
Time Without Guilt – Al Kryszak
Aperture – Luis R. Pinto
Unstoppable – Julian Reale
The Knits – Lisa Birke
Emerging Doubts – Ilaria Galanti
Authentic – Sophia Wang
Blessing 1 – Erika Suderburg
Margoland – Sarah Simone

9.15pm: Feature Documentary Night
Holodomor: Voices of Survivors – Ariadna Ochrymovych
In Jesus’ Name: Shattering the Silence of St. Anne’s Residential School – Susan Enberg

Thursday 15th March

In My Mother’s Closet – Carolyn Wu
Chief Doreen – Tony Wannamaker
4/4 – Kyle Sawyer
Check – Richard B. Pierre
A Safe Space – Michael Flax
Till Death Do Us Part – Hayden Flynn
Love Potion – Juefang Zhang
Space In Black & White – Jeremy Lavon

Anatomy of a Break-Up – Dylan Maloney
Ruby’s Angel – Erica Ragozzino
Something For a Rainy Day – Nicolas Di Stefano
The Death of Ian Hall – Rick Bartram
Jessica Jessica – Jasper Savage
The Motorcycle Boy Reigns – Lucas Carravetta

Painting Catfights – Kirsten Johnson
Sorry For Your Loss – Julia Rowland
Beastly Things – Zev Chevat
Unworldly – Sarah El Bakkouri, Cross Li
The Film Festival – Brian Kennington
Farm Dogs – Ryan Thompson

Friday 16th March

This Year, Here – Alison Taylor, Sabine LeBel
The Warriors Maccabee – Ilan Rosenberg
Under Bone – Dana Washington
An Air About Her – Dee Herlihy
Another Day – Yongle Wang
Diva Mom Song – Archita Mandal
Strange Case – Zbigniew Czapla
They – Ashley Marshall
Until We Reach The Sun – Daisy Dickinson
Zig Zag – Sophia’s Tragedy – Amber Johnson
Haley – Corey Sevier

Erin’s Guide To Kissing Girls – Julianna Notten
Splash – Chun-Hui Nan
Dead House – Travis Laidlaw
Space – Anna Kaminska
Suits – Lindsay Fitzgerald, Sarah M. Claydon
Bakery – Hashim Didari
Beyond Orange – GĂ©raldine Cammisar, Daniel Zinsstag
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The Pits – Shetu Modi
Growing – Jason Romolo
Just One Word – Jani Lauzon
Marmo – Nancy Allison, Laura Boato
Oh No Pedro – Annlin Chao
Crossing the Andes – Jose Sanchez-H.
The Only One – Marc Fortunato
Little Rebel – Aimie Vallat, Guido Ronge
Layers of Fear – Hsin-Ying Liu
Stroke – Jiani zhao , Emanuele Romano
August in the City – Christie Conochalla