TO Short 2020

Update: Toronto Short has been postponed due to Covid-19. Please follow our Facebook and Twitter for updates, and we’ll see you in a few weeks!


Toronto Short will return to the Carlton Cinema, March 16th-20th, 2020. 

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2020 Schedule

Monday, March 16th

It’s Desmond (Your Misguided Tour Guide) (Daniela Di Salvo)
Maebe (Ian Rayburn)
Mni Wiconi: Mitakuyelo (Water is Life: Protect It, Defend It) (Victoria Anderson-Gardner)
A Walk Down To Water (Levi Holwell)
Yellow (Sarah Deakins)

Solitary (Flora Cheng)
Asking Price (Jason J Thomas)
Captain Cowboy Rides Again (Shauna Wason)
Big City, Small World (Reno Venturi)
Social Mediation (Matt Pittroff)
Another Sad Gay Love Story (Thomas Goldhar)

Man of the Year: A Chester Sky Music Video (John Krissilas)
Soba-Chan’s Morning (Vlasov Sergey)
Roni (Troy Crossfield, Sheronna Osbourne, Tazia Harris)
Country Things (B.E.F. Oakes)
6:23 AM (Geoffrey Breton)
Edge (Steven Subotnick)
Fool For Your Love (Odeya Rush)
Confessional (Peter Malcolm)
The Ghost (William Bajalia)

Tuesday, March 17th

Italian 102 (Emily Gutierrez)
Welcome: Ahlan wa Sahlan (Nicole R. Slaunwhite)
Lovers, Leftovers (Darrell Faria)
It’s OK To Not Be OK: Tyler Smith (RJ Sauer)
Big Fat Joke (Charlie Gudgeon, Tavish Gudgeon)
Fifty (Erick Thompson)

Death Of An Epigraph (Eddie Vargas)
Lee Ann Womack’s “Hollywood” (Chris Ullens)
Buoy (David Magnier)
Behind the Scenes by Screen Time (Andy Dubick)
Not Enough (Bear Damen)
Whales Without Walls (Charles Vinick, Dr. Lori Marino, Michael Mountain, Matt Stamm)
Franklin Street (Eric Lindquist)
Eleven : Thirty (Markus Eberhardt)
One Day (Natalie K Moon)
Finding The Balance (Anne Lewis)

I Am Who I Am (Davina Hader)
Out of Touch by Slow Dance (Justin Lacy)
Hard Proof (Andrew Ahmed)
What Normal Boys Do (Christian Jacobsen)
Arch-Rival (Liu Qiang)
Joy! Blue Moon (John Vollmer)
Blue and Curt (Jesse Cote)
Droplet (Simon Deeley)
Normal (Nicolas Di Stefano)
The Deadly Lupus Flower (Neil Warren)

Wednesday, March 18th

Unhappy Holiday (Anna Haas)
Water on Stone (Nancy Allison, Laura Boato)
Dinner for Five (Giancarlo Colucci)
Dear Dad (Ivan Pascal Sella, Alessandro Campagna)
A Symphony of Sparks (Gabriel Fortin)
The Paperboy (Michael James Regan, Mark Brombacher)
LoverGirl (Shawna Khorasani)

Dilemma – Feenix (Jesse Haaja)
The Vessel (Dan McPeake)
Sleepwalking (Chandelle Hamilton)
The Glitch (Muniyra Douglas)
I Want To Assassinate (Masashi Hamauzu)
The Candle (Jose Sanchez-H.)
S.T.O.P. (Stop The Ocean Pollution) (Daria Kashcheeva)
Whale People: Protectors of the Sea (Jason Jones / Not An Alternative, and The Natural History Museum)
The Stand-In (Yousef Kazemi)

A$$ Level (Alison Becker)
Cloud Parade (Adrienne McLaren)
Sentiments Distingués – Distinguished Feelings (Keren Marciano)
Dětí (Kids) (Romane Garant Chartrand)
Unconditional Love (Franie Éléonore Bernier, Samuel Matteau)
Guardians of the Grasslands (Sarah Wray , Ben Wilson)
A Celebration (Mahsa Razavi)

Thursday, March 19th

Westbound / Eastbound (Rohan Bader)
Beneath Our Feet (Samantha Tong)
Double Date (Josef Beeby, Grace Gordon)
Diversity Hire (Christer Harris)
Forest (Ravi Patel)
Thirsty in the Tank (Melisa Sahin)
Endless Love (Eddie Lin)
Night Shoot (Penny Eizenga)
Cosmo (Sarah Gonyea)

7.45pm: Sci-Fi Block
Your Mileage May Vary (Hollie Olenik)
Creat(e)ure (Zane Rubin)
Vessel (Ethan Godel)
The Vacation (Brandon Nicoletti)
Back To The Yesterday (Graham M. Sheppard)
Gaming Fields (Chen Zhang)
Parallel (Nicholas Dragas)
The Biannual Meeting of the Owners of the World (Brittany Whelan)
Terra Beach (Mike Gallant)

9.15pm Horror/Thriller/Action Block
Video Vengeance (Nada Cosovic)
Make Me a Sandwich (Denman Hatch)
Podcast (Mason Hambly)
The Headless Hipster (Chris Remerowski)
Hands of the Devil (Adam Gaudreault, Kayla Craig)
One in Two People (Ali Mashayekhi)
Blood and Guts (Joseph Bigioni)
Teenage Love (Alex Chung)

Friday, March 20th

A War On Everything (Matthew Kalinauskas)
Doodle (Mo Caicedo)
Enter the Diamond Origins (Bob Bharatwal)
Until the Last (Benjamin Roy)
Bad Influence (Flora Nwakobi)
Finding Harold (Katarzyna Kochany)
The Calling (Patricia Seaton Homonylo)
Doubts (Julie Flanders)
Agnes (J. Christian Hamilton)
The Difficult Kids (Erin Ellen McLaughlin)

7.45pm: Kids’ Block
KickFlip (Jonathan Lawley)
Astronomical Imagination (Stephanie Leite)
See You Next Summer (Scarlett Turner)
A Lack of Colour (Craig Brownrigg)

Krump Antidote (Fatty Soprano & Shutterr)
Even In the Silence (Jonathan Elliott)
The Burglar (Xander Copp)
What Are You? (Richard B. Pierre)
Adele (Joe DiBenedetto)